The venture development firm for the hottest startups.

Our key difference is our model: Instead of acting like a venture fund or an incubator; we focus on accelerating the growth of start-ups.

What We Do

Pulse Advisory addresses the key drivers of success necessary for any business. Our professional team has experience both investing and raising money, developing growth strategies, accelerating business development, and providing digital marketing.

  • Capital Advisory Consulting Services

    Get access to a Capital Advisory Consulting team that enables your startup to raise successfully and continue to grow your business.
    Led by successful bankers and entrepreneurs with executive experience at large corporations our team is able to provide capital advisory consulting services that allow entrepreneurs to focus on growing their company while dealing with the onerous process of raising capital. Pulse alleviates the large amount of heavy lifting that is often required to attract investment from tier 1 firms.
    Our Capital Advisory team members are leaders in assisting startups assess their capital structures and providing insights on available options in the capital markets. Our astute financial analysts assure an honest and intelligent valuation as well as a smart understanding of our clients’ futures. Our team has a proven track record in assisting start-ups evaluate strategic alternatives, capital projects, market opportunities, business plans, acquisitions, and divestitures. We also have the ability to provide our clients with comprehensive financial modeling, capital structure option analysis, as well as, the ability to assess available sources and terms of capital.
    Our experience allows us to understand the risk profile of various capital options, provide board/shareholder assistance, deliver structuring advice and sourcing assistance for various forms of debt and equity. We structure our deals so that our interest aligns with our clients’ growth.
  • Business Development Capabilities

    Pulse Advisory’s Business Development Consulting practice has a proven track record growing start-ups revenue streams.
    Experience teaches us that even a great idea does not always make for a product and a product does not always make for a business. The greatest minds may need longer-reaching arms to get the best hold on their audience. Pulse Advisory’s Business Development Consulting practice works with the most promising start-ups to catalyze development and accelerate the pace of their growth.
    Often times the costs associated with finding and retaining exceptional business development executives prevents entrepreneurs from growing their business. We satisfy this need by providing a team of senior industry business development executives, business analysts, and senior advisors to our clients. Our team enables start-ups to cast a much wider net We have a proven track record of delivering strategic partnerships, designing and executing “go to market” sales strategies, building re-seller channels, designing and creating sales collateral, providing account management services, and performing the hard-work necessary to close any deal.
  • Digital Marketing Services

    Pulse Digital Marketing team bolts on to assist start-ups in managing social media, ad buying, marketing strategy, and analytics.
    Some of the best start-up companies lack the time to create a powerful social-media strategy that they can execute against. There are some that look at the space as a necessary communication channel and utilize it for very specific tasks when they arise. The Pulse Digital Marketing team collaborates with our clients to help them understand their image, how they want their customers to see them, and how they can bridge this gap. Pulse’s team possesses a wealth of marketing and PR experience which allows for a greater probability of success in building awareness.
    In today’s always connected world, creating an actionable message through content or engagement is critical to building your brand. Doing that with diligence and consistency creates brand awareness and builds corporate momentum. Our team is adept at creating engaging content that people want to interact with. From strategic conception to post-campaign analysis, Pulse collaborates with clients to ensure that each project is a success.

Pulse Advisory lets the start-ups focus on doing great work, while we roll up our sleeves and help them take care of business.


Business Development

Sibyl Vision
Pulse Advisory offers so much support for small businesses and start-ups such as experienced analysts and experts from proven business leaders, seminars about trends / best practices, and a strong network of professionals that truly want to support small business growth.
One Beat
Pulse Advisory has helped us license our content and has initiated meaningful opportunities for our company with several global media networks. Their passion, vision and dedication has been critical to our corporate growth.
Mikhail LaPushner, Chairman, OneBeat

Digital Marketing Clients

Milk & Honey
Pulse Advisory is an insightful and fast acting advisory firm. We benefited from their advice and actions and we thoroughly enjoyed working together with them. The Pulse Advisory team really cares about their clients and went the extra mile for our success.
Music Choice
Pulse is a highly motivated and innovative solutions team, that augmented our internal staff seamlessly. Pulse's experience and connections in the digital and entertainment spaces makes them uniquely qualified to help a non-traditional network with tons of ambitions.
Spirit Accelerator
Pulse Advisory has been essential to the successes we’ve had as an early-stage start-up. They have provided me a team that has allowed me to focus on growing the business and looking for new customers. They beautifully executed upon the strategies we collaborated on and were critical to our early wins.

Capital Advisory Clients

Pulse Advisory was able to secure the final piece of financing that we needed to expand the company. We never could have catalyzed our growth if it wasn’t for their hard work and the diligence that the team delivered. They were a tremendous resource for us and we hope to use them again.
Alex Stein, Chief Opperating Officer, Eccentex
Pulse Advisory helped us raised the cash that was essential to our company growth. The Pulse Team was swift and effective in helping us open our doors and we value the relationship we’ve built with them.
Eric Tanjeloff, Founder, Bisutoro NYC
SFA Games
Pulse Advisory went well beyond expectations helping me develop my business and secure funding for a critical project. Gary and Daniel are force multipliers, with great strategic advice and a strong network to boot. I highly recommend the services of Pulse.
Greg Easley, Founder, SFA Games


The Pulse Advisory partners bring together the perfect blend of technology and talent management experience.

Gary Fisher

Gary Fisher

Gary Fisher is a Digital Media and Business Development executive, who architects and launches disruptive new platforms, products and applications. He is recognized as a leader and innovator in the field of digital marketing, content creation and promotion with 24-years of entertainment, consumer goods and technology experience. Gary has expertise in commercializing emerging technologies and building profitable media and mobile ventures. He has extensive experience monetizing entertainment content on various platforms for some of the biggest celebrities and media entities in the world. Gary has a dynamic record of extensive team leadership and achievement in a rapidly evolving industry.

Gary is a forward thinking executive who has successfully created and launched campaigns in music, television and digital media for a wide variety of properties. Having worked at several record companies, notably Columbia Records for the majority of his career, and starting businesses with several Grammy-Award winning artists, Gary has strategist, promoted and marketed hundreds of artists, from emerging talents to multi-platinum superstars. He has also developed and produced several award winning television properties that further advanced these artist brands.

Before founding Pulse Advisory, Gary ran a successful Management company where he negotiated strategic relationships between various musical artists, record labels and managers with gaming properties and media outlets totaling over $5 million dollars in licensing agreements. He created and executed a highly successful re-branding of Grammy Award winning artist, Wyclef Jean through digital media and social networking, resulting in explosive growth of the core fan-base, the establishment of a rich and diverse database, and a vibrant new connection with his audience. Gary has achieved 39 Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) sales awards representing more than 83 million units sold. Throughout his career, Gary has implemented techniques to better understand positioning and brand awareness while delivering product/brand development to each through strategic alliances and investment opportunities.

Daniel Garrie

Daniel Garrie

Daniel Garrie is a recognized entrepreneur and renowned attorney with substantial expertise in privacy, cloud, mobile, information security, and technology and legal executive that builds and launches dynamic technology hardware, software, platforms, and applications. Over the past fifteen years, Daniel has worked with entrepreneurs, investment banks, business groups and intermediaries to source investments in both domestic and international Digital Media and Legal/Compliance companies, including several successful exits.

Daniel has generated significant deal-flow and provided support and assistance to entrepreneurs and management on business strategy, human resources and other issues operating in the Mobile and Web 2.0 marketplace. Daniel also works with several high-net worth individuals, hedge funds, and private equity funds on Digital Media and Legal-Compliance technology investments ranging from $10M-25M in expenditures, and $2-5 million in services. Prior to Pulse Advisory LLC, Daniel was the worldwide Director of Information Governance and EDiscovery at Charles Rivers Associates.

Daniel had founded and sold several successful companies: Legal Tech Group (2007), ClickIt (2003), Searchapp (2000). Daniel is on the Board of Advisors of several successful startups: BullToro (E-Commerce); Eccentex (Cloud); Digital Reef Inc. (acquired); (Mobile); Sibyl Vision (Social); TreemoLabs (Mobile).

In addition, Daniel has authored more than 100+ articles and his scholarship has been recognized by several Supreme Court Justices and cited in multiple federal and state court opinions. Daniel is also a member on the Board of the Beijing Law Review, the Journal of Legal Technology Risk Management, and the Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare.

Ray Araujo

Ray Araujo

Ray Araujo is an entrepreneur, marketing professional, and proven business leader.In 1995 Ray founded Radarworks, a creative marketing agency with offices in Seattle and Los Angeles, and actively served as CEO while growing billings to over $50 million. The agency’s list of clients range from startups to major international brands, including Amazon, Disney, Sony, Microsoft, and Acer, as well as leading non-profits, including Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Aside from overseeing the company’s operations, Ray has been hands-on with business development and crafting successful marketing strategies for B2C, B2B, and high-tech audiences. In 2013, Ray shifted his focus to develop and launch specialized marketing companies, including Marked Entertainment and Flip, and he joined forces with Pulse Advisory as Managing Partner in Los Angeles and Seattle. Ray brings his expertise in brand development and marketing along with extensive, real-world experience in growing and running businesses.

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